Juliana’s 5th Birthday Photoshoot

As you’ll get to know me you will realize I’m OBSESSED with photography. I love the story it tells and the ability to capture a moment you will treasure for a lifetime! When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I vowed I wouldn’t limit my child to only iphone photos. So I purchased a DSLR Canon Rebel T4 camera with a 50mm 1.8 prime lens (very affordable training lens that gives that creamy background we all love) and learned everything I could to take the best portraits of my baby. I practiced on my favorite subject and watched a TON of YouTube tutorials! Little did I know I would become the go-to newborn/family/event photographer for all my friends and family! It has truly been an honor to receive announcement cards with the photos I took of my nieces and nephews.

Every year, around each of my daughter’s birthdays I plan a photo shoot so they have portraits and memories of that specific moment in time! So here it is! Juliana’s 5th birthday shoot! Her birthday theme this year is a bakery theme so I decided to dress my Jules as a pastry chef and have her play around with dough! Needless to say this may have been her favorite photo shoot yet!


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