The Power of Being a Girl’s Girl

I consider myself a girls’ girl! As a woman, one of the things I treasure most are my female friendships. These are the women who uplift me and support me despite all the craziness they’ve seen from me over the years. I have gathered girlfriends from all stages of my life including preschool, high school, college, medical school, residency,work,and my mommy friends.

So what are the qualities that help women form long lasting friendships? Here are some observations I’ve attained over the years that distinguish us girls’ girls from the others!

1)Stop competing with other women!
We are all on the same team and when you finally bring down that barrier you will realize how helpful we can be to each other!
Instead of getting envious that another woman is prettier/funnier/more successful/ go and be her friend! Share stories and see how she got to that point in her life. Imagine how enlightened and better off you’ll be.

2)Gain confidence!
To have friendships with strong, kind and confident women you have to be one too. That includes letting go of the cattiness, constant comparison to others, and being able to truly be happy for other women’s accomplishments.
Once you do this you will realize that you will be surrounded by the type of women that makes you a better person!

3)Being inclusive instead of exclusive!
Being left out is one of the worst feelings. It starts from childhood and continues to adulthood. I’ve always been a big proponent of the cliche “the more the merrier!” I’ve met so many wonderful ladies because a friend brought along a fellow girlfriend we didn’t know to a dinner. It expands your social circle and your girl tribe only gets stronger!

So next time you plan on having a party or girls dinner keep these tips in mind and you will surely start building your lady tribe!

Here are my fellow female ED physicians at a recent brunch!


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