Cinco De Mayo Party Decor

If you’re hosting a Cinco de Mayo Party and are looking for festive decor then search no further! I got you covered!

Cinco de Mayo is all about bright bold colors. I arranged fuchsia toned florals in mini gold vases I purchased from here. You can also add orange and yellow hued florals as well.

Nothing says fiesta quite like pineapples. Adding this tropical fruit adds a statement to your table scape without breaking the budget! If you’re not a fan of pineapples you can also use mini watermelons or a bowl of limes for that pop of color in your centerpiece!




When it comes to table linens I used a white table cover accented with a yellow table cover I purchased from Target. You can also use a colorful Mexican table runner over white table linen from here.


And finally add a colorful garland to add that fiesta flair. I purchased mine from Target. But Amazon has some beautiful ones too!


Stay tuned tomorrow where I showcase Cinco de Mayo cocktails that will get the party started!

Stay Dainty,

Sandra Thomasian, MD

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