Healthy Fats For Healthy Skin

When I started my medical education I was so overwhelmed with studying I let myself go and stopped eating nutritiously. The very thing I was learning about and I wasn’t practicing any of it. I stopped exercising, I started eating out a lot, and I quit taking supplements.

My body took a hit. My face looked sallow, my hair looked dead and dry, and most of all I was in a constant state of fatigue. It took two years for me to get my act together and start a change. The first journey to healthier living was food. I began to cook my own meals again and eat whole, minimally processed foods.

I started taking my supplements again. I don’t consume a lot of fish so I added fish oil capsules to my regimen to get that extra boost of omega fats. I began consuming more nuts and eggs as well. Wow what a change!!! My hair began to look shiny, my skin looked dewy and I felt more focused. I also noticed I wasn’t hungry as often.

In my experience of testing many different fish oils I happen to LOVE the one New Chapter produces. They’re organic and made out of wild caught fish! I consume 3 capsules per day and purchase mine from Amazon or you can also find it at Whole Foods.

Don’t expect a change in a few days it took a few months for me to notice a difference but I stuck with it because I knew it worked!

Note: I have no affiliation with the New Chapter company and all my opinions are my own.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Fats For Healthy Skin

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