Why I add Apple Cider Vinegar to my water EVERY DAY!

After having my second child something bizarre happened to my health and body. The once energetic, strong, fit person I used to be was exchanged for a chronically fatigued, perpetually sick, out of shape woman. Between the new baby and my return to work exclusively working night shifts my body was taking a hard hit. I felt helpless. I was already exercising when I could find the time, eating healthy, and drinking tons of water. But I still felt sluggish. I had heard about apple cider vinegar boosting immunity and balancing the pH in your body. I decided to give it a try.


I started mixing two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to my 22oz water bottle daily. I would drink this concoction 3-4 times per day.  And literally one week later I noticed a change in my energy levels. I also felt like my appetite was suppressed so I wasn’t having cravings or hunger pangs as often. The best part was my immune system was back again. I wasn’t constantly battling a cold or sore throat. I felt so good I added apple cider vinegar to my daily routine and even after over two years I still do it!



At just two dollars a bottle you can’t lose. The taste after diluting it with the water is actually refreshing. I prefer the apple cider vinegar that is unfiltered and unpasteurized. It has more probiotic properties which is better for digestion and replenishes the good bacteria in your gut.



1)Boosts weight loss

Just 30mL (about 1 oz.) of apple cider vinegar a day can decrease belly fat and aid in slimming, finds a recent study. Time to pour up some shots right… NOW! 😉

2) Protects you from food poisoning

study shows that adding ACV with a pinch of salt to your lunch can kill off E. coli, a dangerous bacteria that causes tummy troubles. Waiter, some apple cider vinegar, please?

3)Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

According to research, daily intakes of ACV can actually lower your triglycerides and cholesterol levels, which is associated with better heart health. The acetic acid in vinegar has also been found to reduce blood pressure. All good news for keepin’ your heart happy!

4) Cures Candida (yeast infections)

Treats yeast infections by rebuilding the good bacteria in your gut.

5)Fights Colds

ACV is loaded with immune boosting vitamins and antioxidants that help keep you healthy.

6)Fights Allergies

ACV helps break up mucus and supports lymphatic drainage.

7) Relieves Constipation

ACV acts as a natural laxative. it stimulates digestive juices that help the body breakdown food. It also contains pectin which is rich in fiber.

8) Regulates pH

Balancing your bodies pH can reduce risk of chronic illnesses and boosts energy.


So there you have it! Let me know your thoughts on this amazing natural remedy of apple cider vinegar!


Stay healthy and dainty!


Sandra Thomasian, MD (aka Dainty Hostess)


5 thoughts on “Why I add Apple Cider Vinegar to my water EVERY DAY!

  1. A little late but just started today!!! Literally, just took my first sip 😋 tastes great! Anyhow, thanks for the tip! I’ll let you know how I feel in a few weeks 😘 thanks Doc!


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