How To Plant Your Own Herb Garden.

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? There are uses for them in almost any recipe and now that spring is here there’s no better time than to go to your local nursery and build your own herb garden. They’re aromatic and oh-so delicious.  Here are a few tips on growing your own herbs.

Tip #1: 

When you buy herbs try to purchase 2-3 plants of each type at different stages of growth. That way they mature at different rates and you can prolong the longevity of that herb. I also recommend purchasing herbs that are marked organic.


Tip #2:

Repot the herbs ASAP.  Leaving them in the original pot won’t allow the roots to spread and they will suffocate and die. Repot in plants 2-3 times larger than the original pot.


Tip #3: 

Repot in organic soil especially formulated for vegetables. Water well once you pot and don’t water them again for another few days. Store them in partial shade the first day or two.

Now you have the task to decide which herbs to grow here are a few happy combinations!


Parsley + Basil

Both of these fragrant and familiar herbs enjoy more water than other herbs.  Chives, hot peppers and cherry tomatoes also make great container mates for these guys.

Rosemary + Sage

These are perfect examples of what we’re talking about when we refer to “woody herbs.” They prefer more sun and drier soil than the leafier varieties, which is why it’s a better idea to plant them together than, say, with a basil plant, which will need a lot more water.

Oregano + Thyme

These semi-woody varieties keep good company with their sun-loving cousins, rosemary and sage. So, if you’re at a loss for space, go ahead and house them together.

Mint + Mint

Yes, you read that correctly. All types of mint tend to take over a pot. You’re best off growing them separately from other herb types.


Now that you’re ready to plant your garden, tomorrow we’ll discuss how to maintain it!





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