How to Navigate the LA Flower Market and your local flower market

I absolutely love having flowers around the house and especially love arranging centerpieces when entertaining at home! Creating your own arrangement can be relaxing and provide a beautiful focal point to any room, which is why I wanted to help out by sharing 10 tips for shopping at your local flower market!

Without a doubt, we are lucky ladies to reside in Los Angeles near one of the largest flower markets in the country. If you aren’t sure if anything similar exists in your area, we seriously urge you to do a little research. We were surprised to see that some of the smaller cities we didn’t think would have a wholesale mart or flower market actually did! Another great option is to check with the flower market in the biggest city near you to see if any of the vendors will ship.

I’m excited to take you on my journey through the LA Market + share some of my best tips along the way! The Original Los Angeles Flower Market is located at 754 Wall St (between 7th + 8th) Los Angeles, 90014. There is a $1 cash entrance fee to enter the mart on Saturdays + $2 to enter on weekdays.

Hours for the public: Mondays + Wednesdays 8:00am – 12:00pm / Tuesdays  6:00am – 11:00am / Thursdays  6:00am – 12:00pm / Fridays  8:00am – 2:00pm / Saturdays  6:00am – 2:00pm.


Dainty Hostess Tip #1: If you’re planning an event for a larger event consider placing an order with your favorite vendor so you get EXACTLY what you want. Not all vendors will allow for orders without a wholesale license, so we recommend doing a scouting trip first and finding a handful of vendors you like. Talk to them about your desire to place an order + they will often be very helpful and possibly even give you special pricing on your order since you are buying in bulk. Love that!

*Note about bulk pricing / minimums: Almost all items sold at the flower mart are sold in bulk or bunches. Typically, you will not be able to create your own quantities or buy single stems.


Dainty Hostess Tip #2: Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. It may seem obvious but you will be carrying bunches of blooms that can be quite heavy so dress accordingly.


Dainty Hostess Tip #3: Browse and compare prices. When you walk into the flower mart you’re going to want to snatch the first florals you see because they’re that beautiful. But brace yourself and walk around the grounds to see what you like and compare who is offering you the best deals.


Dainty Hostess Tip #4: Wednesdays and Fridays are the busiest days, when retail florists and planners stock up for their weekend orders and events.


Dainty Hostess Tip #5: The Los Angeles Flower Market also sells plants, like bougainvillea, succulents, air plants + ferns, so if you are looking to incorporate plants into your decor – or buy something rad for your home or yard – consider purchasing from the flower market!



Dainty Hostess Tip #6: Shop for floral supplies at the flower mart. Aside from fresh cut blooms, you can purchase clippers, foam, floral tape, vessels, votives and more at great prices. We also saw a ton of amazing decor items, like branches + tree stumps that you can mix with flowers + incorporate into your wedding design!


Dainty Hostess Tip #7: If your wedding or event is on a Saturday, it’s probably going to be best to buy your flowers on the Thursday or Friday before. 


Dainty Hostess Tip #8: Once you get home, make sure to unpack + prep all of your flowers right away. Most items sold at the flower market is unprocessed, so you will need to remove excess leaves + give the stems a fresh cut before placing them in water. And keep your blooms in the darkest + coolest place you can think of, as sunlight and heat will cause flowers to open prematurely or wilt.


Dainty Hostess Tip #9: Set a budget before you even get there! It’s so easy to get caught up with the beauty of it all. If you don’t plan your budget ahead it’s easy to buy everything in sight! Most vendors if not all accept credit card so it’s quite easy to find yourself purchasing more than you planned.


Dainty Hostess Tip #10: Most vendors allow you to hold your large purchases in their shelving units. So don’t be bashful to ask!


And for my LA peeps don’t forget to stop my Muscatel’s where they have more crafty items and decor at great prices!

Hope you find this helpful!

Stay Dainty,

Sandra Thomasian, MD


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