Baby Shower Games Every Guest Will Want to Play

Baby showers are such a beautiful way to celebrate the mommy to be. As part of my pregnancy series today, I have baby shower game ideas that are the perfect mixture of fun and refined and will make for lasting memories for years to come.

Diaper Changing Relay Race:

Supplies: Diapers, Baby Wipes, Baby Powder, Baby Dolls (you can purchase most of these from the dollar store)

4 guest volunteers

Instructions:  Each player has 3 dolls.  They have to un-diaper the baby doll, wipe the baby’s butt, powder it and put a clean diaper on the doll. Whoever completes all three dolls first wins!
img_7807Baby Shower games

“Let’s Make a Baby” out of play doh!

Supplies: Multiple play doh sets of different colors

Instructions: Volunteered guests from each table sculpt a baby out of play doh and the mommy to be picks her favorite!

Guess the Nursery Rhyme

Supplies: Printed Paper as shown below and pens.

Instructions: Play the melody of various nursery rhymes (we found them through you tube)and lullabies and whoever has the highest number of correct answer choices wins!

Baby Shower Game Ideasimg_7797

Design the Bib or Onesie

Supplies: Fabric markers, plain white onesies or bibs, glitter gel, fabric paint (purchased from amazon and michaels)

Instructions: Volunteers decorate the bib/onesie and the mommy to be selects her favorite! I love this one because you create such cute keepsakes for baby!

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Headband Making Station

The moment I found out I was going to have a niece I knew I wanted to organize a headband making station for the baby shower. I purchased supplies from Michaels and Amazon. I used jewelry displays from Home Goods and made the guests write s sweet message for baby girl. My niece wears the handmade headbands till this day! What a sweet memento.)

Supplies: Headbands (lace, elastic), flower patches, rhinestones, glue gun, message tags

Instructions: Have each guest create a headband for baby girl with the supplies and attach a sweet message for baby!

I hope you find inspiration for he next baby shower! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Stay dainty,

Sandra Thomasian, MD

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