7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

There’s nothing more exciting than expecting a baby. You prepare the nursery, you get showered with love from all your friends and family, and you’re watching this baby grow inside you!

Then you have the baby and your entire world as you knew it turns upside down. Your body is a wreck, you’re hurting everywhere, the level of exhaustion is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and your stressing over breastfeeding.

These kind of overnight changes can make anybody go mad, which is why so many women suffer from postpartum blues. I was definitely one of them with my first pregnancy.

However with close observation of women who delivered after me and with the birth of my second daughter I found qualities that help combat this emotional period of time.

1. Sleep

I know this sounds cliche’ but exhaustion contributes to sadness and irritability. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping or just lying down when the baby is asleep.  The laundry can wait.7 Ways to Avoid Postpartum Blues

2. Never say no to help

If your friend offers to bring dinner or watch the baby for an hour you say YES. If your mother offers to come by and see the baby, you say yes and try to sneak in a nap or go out for a breathe of air.7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

3. Getting Out of the House

Every single day! I remember when I had my first child I felt so ugly and exhausted I made myself a prisoner in my own home. That just led to a spiral of feeling lonely and even more depressed.

The best thing you can do for your sanity and the baby is to leave the scene of the crime. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, do a Starbucks run. Do whatever you have to do to remind yourself that there is a life out there that you are still a part of.

7 Ways to Avoid Postpartum Blues

4. Take a Break From Social Media

As much as I love Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest nobody should be allowed to go on these outlets after having a baby. Why? Because you’ll feel like you’re missing out, or that your life, nursery, or post baby body should look like what you’re visualizing on these sites.  I promise it will still be there when you’re getting more sleep and feeling less emotional.

7 Ways to Avoid Postpartum Blues

5. Surround Yourself With Similar Women

There is strength in numbers and surrounding yourself with moms is empowering. You realize you’re not alone and there’s grace in knowing that you’re not the only one who has been peed or puked on.

7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

6. Get Your Hubby Involved

Involve your partner so that he feels involved with this new baby you have created together. Having bonding time with Dad, allows you time to relax but also allows the father to instantly carry on baby duties without you having to ask. Plus it’ll bring you two closer together and connect on an entirely different level than you ever did before baby.

7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

7. Choose Happy

Don’t be overwhelmed with anxiety that your baby should be on a sleep schedule, eating organic foods, or hasn’t started sitting up yet.  The very fact that you worry over this makes you an incredible mother.

You must choose to be happy, grateful and fulfilled. If you make that choice regardless of where you are in life, you will be happy.

7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues


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