25 Ways To Be a More Playful Parent

With all everyone has to juggle – the responsibilities and schedules, work, play and meeting the needs of your kids – it can make life pretty darn serious. When motherhood becomes too serious and the fun and playful Mom you once were disappears into the background, it’s time to take an honest look at the things that are stealing the joy. You can be a more playful parent when you take inventory of what is important, not so important and how to rearrange priorities.

I realized that as much time as I was spending with my children, most of it was involving telling them what to do and not do. One day I realized it was just time I let loose a little bit and get involved with active play. 

Everyday I devote 20 minutes to just playing (no distractions, no phones). Twenty minutes is nothing but it makes such a huge impact on your’s and your child’s day. 

So here are some ideas. 

Stop What You’re Doing and…

  1. Grab Ice Cream or a Special Treat (we love getting smoothies)

  2. Go for a Walk Together

  3. Pick leaves during the Fall (this was such a huge hit, who knew?)

  4. Have a Dance Party – or even better, play Freeze Dance

  5. Have a Handstand Contest – or just do Handstands, Cartwheels and Headstands

  6. Cook together

  7. Build a Fort

  8. Play Dress Up

  9. Play Hide and Seek

  10. Do a New Art Project with Your Kids

  11. Have a Water Gun / Nerf Gun / Water Balloon Fight

  12. Chase Your Kids Around the Yard or at a Park

  13. Go on the swing

  14. Roller Skate

  15. Play in the Rain and Jump in Puddles

  16. Go to the Library and Pick Out Books

  17. Have a Picnic on the Living Room Floor or in Your Backyard

  18. Go to the Pool

  19. Jump rope

  20. Play Tag or Freeze Tag

  21. Color with Sidewalk Chalk

  22. Play Catch Together

  23. Play with a Hula Hoop

  24. Pretend Play

  25. Go on a Bike Ride

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