Juliana’s Birth Story

I had the best pregnancy when I was expecting my first child. I was working in the ER up until the end, I was feeling tired but excited for being a mother.

My Ob/Gyn at the time practiced what I felt was conservative medicine, meaning she was overly cautious. Instead of keeping me calm during my pregnancy she would say things that made me nervous about my pregnancy (I’m pretty easy going). 

I was approaching my due date and she kept insisting that the ultrasound was showing an 8 pound plus baby. She warned me that I would need to be induced as soon as possible so that I have a safe delivery and not put my baby at risk of harm during delivery due to her large size. 

We scheduled an induction date and things did not go as planned. I was in labor for 12 hours and I was not progressing. I was tired, dehydrated and developed a fever. My unborn baby’s heart began to decelerate and I was taken to an emergency cesarean section. 

The cesarean went smoothly and my sweet Juliana was born weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz. Yup! You read that correct. She was not too big. She was perfect.

But I was angry.

I felt cheated and duped.

This is not what I wanted. This was not part of my birth plan. I’m a medical professional, how did I allow myself to get convinced to have an induction that was not necessary? Why didn’t I question this Ob/Gyn who was supposed to be my colleagues my advocate.

I realized I trusted her too much. I didn’t question anything because I felt she wanted what was best for me. But I was now resentful.

Yes I was grateful I had a smooth delivery with no complications. Yes I was grateful that my newborn was healthy. But why did I feel like I had no say in this birth plan? Oh yes I remember… Because she insisted we do this or my baby would be harmed. 

You don’t have to take what any professional says at face value. It’s ok to question things, even if it annoys them. This is your body, your baby and you have every right to get a second and even third opinion. 

Have you had a birth plan that didn’t go according to plan? I would love to hear your story. 

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