Drink More Water Effortlessly

There’s nothing worse than preparing a bottle of ice cold water for the day and then it becomes lukewarm an hour later. I don’t enjoy drinking room temperature water and I force myself to drink it just to get my hydration in. Then I was introduced to the HYDROFLASK! 

This is not your ordinary water bottle. It insulates water so it stays ice cold for up to 24 hours. Here’s the best thing about the Hydro Flask – it makes you drink waaaaay more water. My water consumption has gone up like crazy. I drink at least 3 liters now because of it. This is kind of a big deal because if we’re being honest, I was only drinking about 1 liter before I had a Hydro Flask.

I personally have the 40 oz water bottle and drink about two of those per day. I also purchased my daughters the children’s hydroflask bottle and i must say they have increased their water consumption as well.

If you’re going to buy one of these, you HAVE to also buy the lid that has the straw in it. THIS is what will make you drink a ton of water.

The straw is key if you’re lazy in bed, or driving, and you just wanna lay there and gulp water with the bottle hanging down. You don’t need to pick it up & tilt it.


♡ keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours

♡ keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours

♡ made of BPA free stainless steel

♡ vacuum insulation stops condensation

There is 1 way I like my Hydro Flask- & of course I’m very specific about it:

The first way is a 40 oz. mint green bottle with a hot pink lid.

Tag me in your Insta Stories so I can stalk your Hydro Flask situation. There’s so many ways to do it, but I want to know your preference. Let me know SPECIFICALLY what you put in yours.

Lastly, if you want to manipulate your bf or husband into drinking more water get one in blue, like I did. Fill it with ice & water then leave it on their nightstand. Works like a charm.

I’d really love an alkaline water system because I’m trying to get rid of water bottles completely. If anyone has recommendations let me know.

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