How To Raise a Reader In A Tech Dominant Society

Reading to me has become some form of a rescue raft .  At a young age I realized that reading gave me joy and made me feel good. The more I read the more success I achieved, which boosted my confidence. The more books I read the more knowledge I gained allowing me to have conversations with people from all walks of life. You see, reading allowed me to deeply comprehend the lives of people I would never truly appreciate in my daily life growing up in an Armenian private school. It gave me the ability to be more open minded about several topics including opening my mind to cultural diversity.


How To Raise a Reader In A Tech Dominant Society

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6 Ways to Prevent Getting a UTI

Urine Trouble!!!! If you’ve ever had a UTI (urinary tract infection) then you will never forget the miserable symptoms that accompany it. Burning each time you urinate, sensation to have to go tinkle but nothing comes out, and sometimes even bloody urine.

About 40% of women will experience a UTI at least once in their life. So how can you prevent this miserable infection from even making it’s way to your bladder? Here are some proven ways

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How To Prevent Yourself From Being In a Toxic Work Environment

About one third or 30% of human life is spent working. Most of us with full time jobs spend more time with out work colleagues than our own families. So it goes without saying that harvesting a positive work environment is instrumental to your overall well being and happiness. Toxic work environments can lead to poor work output, increased stress, and anxiety that can manifest as physical symptoms (abdominal pain, headaches, fatigue).

You don’t have to be part of the drama at work, you can be the shining light that models proper work manners so that no-one in work your work family feels unappreciated, disrespected, or unhappy.

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Are You My Mentor? Tips on how women can find the right mentor to help their career.

Mentors can change your career in such a positive way, that I always urge my young lady tribe who are just starting out their career to seek one. But finding a mentor is not that easy, especially for women in careers that are male dominant. Sure you can have male mentors, I’ve had a few during my career and they were no doubt instrumental in making a positive impact on me. But something about women having female mentors is different. If you find the right fit, this mentor can be your ally, your guide on how to navigate the workplace. Female mentors understand the ever constant juggle of career and motherhood.

Here are some tips I’ve learned to find the mentor for you!

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