A Breakfast Smoothie That Will Actually Keep You Full Till Lunchtime

For years my favorite breakfast was warm oatmeal with berries. But as much as I enjoyed it, I was starving 2 hours later. I would reach for any convenient snack and I would be hungry again soon after.

What I didn’t realize then, was that I was eating food that was spiking my blood sugar levels and then causing a crash soon after.

This Fab Four Smoothie formula developed by my favorite holistic nutritionist, Kelly Leveque, helps you develop a blood sugar balancing replacement meal that includes protein, healthy fats, greens, and fiber to keep you full for 4-5 hours! Read More

Tips to Successful Breastfeeding

Before I discuss my breastfeeding journey I want to preface it by saying everyone’s journey is different and breastfeeding is not for everyone. However, I do believe there’s a stigma and almost a taboo for a mother to nurse her child in public and that needs to change if we want mother’s to be successful with breastfeeding.

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Birthday Party Photography Tips For Parents

Photographing your kid’s birthday party can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to forget to document the important moments. However, you also don’t want to document every single detail only to be behind the camera the whole time, and miss out on actually enjoying the party yourself.

These birthday party photography tips allow you to fully prepare for the party so that you can have it well documented and still enjoy every moment!

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