Wine Lesson 101: A beginner’s guide featuring sommelier Max Bozoghlian

When I first started dating my now husband I was clueless about wines. He on the other hand, grew up in the restaurant industry and his family owns a popular Los Angeles Argentine steakhouse called Carlitos Gardel. They happen to have the largest inventory of Argentine wine outside of Argentina thanks to my brother in law, Max Bozoghlian. Max is the restaurant‘s sommelier.

A sommelier, or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing.

And lucky for us I interviewed my favorite sommelier, Max Bozoghlian about all things wine!

Wine Lesson 101: A beginner's guide featuring sommelier Max Bozoghlian

Wine Lesson 101: A beginner’s guide featuring sommelier Max Bozoghlian

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