No Bake Watermelon Cake

If you’re looking to cut calories but still want to have your cake, this all natural watermelon cake is what you need. My sister in law had gestational diabetes during her second pregnancy. So when it came to celebrating her birthday she decided she still wanted cake but not the traditional kind. Thats where this no bake watermelon cake came into fruition.

All the kids(and me!) were so excited you would think it was a real birthday cake! I’ve never seen watermelon disappear so quickly!



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Quick & Easy Fourth of July Decorations

Let’s talk about quick and easy patriotic decorations today! Independence day is a fun holiday, and a great time to show your patriotic spirit. All you need is some red, white, blue and a little creativity. I’ve gathered some fun and easy patriotic tablescape decor for your fourth of July celebration to help add that patriotic touch.

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Puff Pastry Turnovers (Beureg)

As much as I love cooking I’ve always been intimidated by Middle Eastern cuisine. I always felt that the recipes were tedious and time consuming; not meant for the modern career woman. That changed when my friend Sylva introduced me to her Beurek for the modern Armenian gal! It’s so cheesy and flavor packed I couldn’t believe how simple it was!

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