How the Instant Pot Changed My Life!

I’m not a collector of kitchen appliances. I don’t own a slow cooker, rice cooker, or any other kitchen gadgets. But when I came across the instant pot on a Physician Mom’s Facebook group I was intrigued. All these busy women seemed to be serving healthy home made dinners with this silver appliance.

On Black Friday 2015, I purchased my first instant pot! I was initially intimidated by all the buttons, but with just a few searches on Pinterest I was able to figure out how to work this nifty gadget and started to make all kinds of goodies!

What is it?

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An ELEGANT, HEALTHY, EASY Mediterranean Red Snapper Recipe!

There are certain women who you connect with on social media that you just know you’re going to click with even though you haven’t formally met. That’s how I felt about my now good friend, Christine . She’s a total boss lady and works as a killer real estate agent with The Agency, but she’s also an incredible cook, hostess, and mother. An ELEGANT, HEALTHY, EASY Mediterranean Red Snapper Recipe!

Lucky for us she’s sharing her incredible Mediterranean Red Snapper recipe! It’s flavorful, elegant, and easy! And don’t be intimidated by the idea of cooking a whole fish. It’s not only easier but it’s much less likely to overcook! Read More