5 Secrets I Learned To Be a Better Public Speaker

If the thought of delivering a speech in front of a crowd gives you cold sweats, trembling hands and knots in your stomach…you’re not alone.  Getting in front of a crowd consistently ranks as a the top 5 fear many people face.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right approach and the tricks I will reveal below you’ll gain the confidence and calm to present no matter how intimidating your audience may seem. Read More

How To Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Why is high blood pressure dangerous?

Think of it like this: Your arteries are like a garden hose. When the water is turned on too low it doesn’t travel fast enough and you only get dribbles of water coming out of the nozzle of the hose. This is similar to hypotension or low blood pressure.

When you turn the tap one entire turn, you’ll get a good steady stream of water coming out of the nozzle,. This is similar to what normal blood pressure looks like.

Now, if you turn the tap on forcefully about 3-4 full turns the water will exert high pressure against the inside the wall of the hose causing a forceful jet of water to shoot out of the nozzle. This is what high blood pressure looks like. Read More