6 Ways to Prevent Getting a UTI

Urine Trouble!!!! If you’ve ever had a UTI (urinary tract infection) then you will never forget the miserable symptoms that accompany it. Burning each time you urinate, sensation to have to go tinkle but nothing comes out, and sometimes even bloody urine.

About 40% of women will experience a UTI at least once in their life. So how can you prevent this miserable infection from even making it’s way to your bladder? Here are some proven ways

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Christmas Cheeseball Recipe

With just a few days till Christmas, I’m sharing with you my Christmas Tree Cheese Ball. This Christmas Tree Cheeseball just might be the most festive and delicious holiday appetizer recipe!

I wish I could take credit for this scrumptious recipe but one of my colleagues at work, Tina Kiani, was kind enough to share her recipe with me.

I served this cheeseball at my Christmas/birthday party and it was a huge hit.

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7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

There’s nothing more exciting than expecting a baby. You prepare the nursery, you get showered with love from all your friends and family, and you’re watching this baby grow inside you!

Then you have the baby and your entire world as you knew it turns upside down. Your body is a wreck, you’re hurting everywhere, the level of exhaustion is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and your stressing over breastfeeding.

These kind of overnight changes can make anybody go mad, which is why so many women suffer from postpartum blues. I was definitely one of them with my first pregnancy.

However with close observation of women who delivered after me and with the birth of my second daughter I found qualities that help combat this emotional period of time. Read More

5 Fun Facts About Me!

5 Fun Facts About Me! I wanted to reintroduce myself since I have new followers who may not know me very well. This is daunting. So here goes!

1️⃣ As far as I can remember I wanted to be a pediatrician until my last year of medical school, I switched gears and decided to go into emergency medicine! #bestdecisionever

2️⃣ Most of my life I hated cameras and all things photography. Obviously that changed the moment I realized I was pregnant and already planned to take a zillion photos of my daughter! 👶🏼

3️⃣ I learned how to ride a 🚲 a little over 6 months ago thanks to my husband and I’ve been riding my cruiser everyday since

4️⃣ My biggest weakness is 🍕and if I could eat it every day I WOULD! #pizzeriamozza

5️⃣ I never watch any 📺! It’s been that way for the past few years and it’s been the most time saving hack I’ve ever done!


Thank you for following me on this blogging journey. It has truly been so fulfilling and it’s because of YOU!