Fall Beauty Essentials Report

Anyone who knows me, knows I how much I adore the Fall season. The pumpkins, cinnamon spices, and changing of the leaves makes for a magical season. But with Fall comes dry windy weather and the need for more moisture in your skin care routine. I’m also sharing some of my favorite Fall makeup that I’m currently obsessing over.  Read More

7 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Blues

There’s nothing more exciting than expecting a baby. You prepare the nursery, you get showered with love from all your friends and family, and you’re watching this baby grow inside you!

Then you have the baby and your entire world as you knew it turns upside down. Your body is a wreck, you’re hurting everywhere, the level of exhaustion is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and your stressing over breastfeeding.

These kind of overnight changes can make anybody go mad, which is why so many women suffer from postpartum blues. I was definitely one of them with my first pregnancy.

However with close observation of women who delivered after me and with the birth of my second daughter I found qualities that help combat this emotional period of time. Read More

An ELEGANT, HEALTHY, EASY Mediterranean Red Snapper Recipe!

There are certain women who you connect with on social media that you just know you’re going to click with even though you haven’t formally met. That’s how I felt about my now good friend, Christine . She’s a total boss lady and works as a killer real estate agent with The Agency, but she’s also an incredible cook, hostess, and mother. An ELEGANT, HEALTHY, EASY Mediterranean Red Snapper Recipe!

Lucky for us she’s sharing her incredible Mediterranean Red Snapper recipe! It’s flavorful, elegant, and easy! And don’t be intimidated by the idea of cooking a whole fish. It’s not only easier but it’s much less likely to overcook! Read More