How the Instant Pot Changed My Life!

I’m not a collector of kitchen appliances. I don’t own a slow cooker, rice cooker, or any other kitchen gadgets. But when I came across the instant pot on a Physician Mom’s Facebook group I was intrigued. All these busy women seemed to be serving healthy home made dinners with this silver appliance.

On Black Friday 2015, I purchased my first instant pot! I was initially intimidated by all the buttons, but with just a few searches on Pinterest I was able to figure out how to work this nifty gadget and started to make all kinds of goodies!

What is it?

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5 Genius Ways To Eat More Greens

Remember those days your mom would urge you to finish your greens. It’s for good reason! Green leafy vegetables have are a gold mine of nutrients. If that’s the case then how come Americans eat greens only about once or twice a week? Why are cabbage, turnip greens, and spinach rarely seen at the American dinner table?

Why is lettuce the only green vegetable that most Americans ever use? Green veggies are inexpensive and packed with a treasure full of of nutrients. Read More

A Healthy and Tasty Way of Cooking For the Family: Sous Vide

Are you familiar with the cooking method known as Sous Vide? I wasn’t until a good friend of mine introduced it to me and I fell in love. With sous vide, you will be cooking food for a long period of time, inside a vacuum sealed bag. As the food is inside a vacuum, it lacks the oxygen that many toxic bacteria require to survive.  But you also heats food just enough so that it reaches the exact “doneness” you desire, with no risk of over- or under- cooking.With sous vide, you really do get the best of both worlds. You no longer need to decide between taste and health, as this method results in food that is more tasty and more healthy!

Here are sous vide tools you’ll need to get started:

sous vide machine

sous vide container

vacuum sealer machine

Now let’s talk about my favorite topic: the health benefits. 

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Dr. Thomasian’s Guide To Trader Joe’s

I looove shopping at Trader Joe’s. My sister claims I live there cause I’m there so often but I can’t help it! I love all their unique fun products (hello Harvest salad) and their price point is spot on!

Being a physician and mom I’m always striving to provide my family with nutrient rich and minimally processed foods. It’s so important to teach them good eating habits early on. My 2 year old now asks for salads because she sees my husband and I eat them so often! I can’t imagine a better gift to your child than the ability to discern wholesome food amongst all the junk!

So here are my Trader Joe’s favorites from your fellow physician mommy (aka Dainty Hostess)! Read More