Kid Approved Breakfast Smoothie Bowls

It’s been really difficult to sneak in veggies and other antioxidants in my 5 year old’s diet. That’s why I love these smoothie bowls made by registered dietitian Luisa Sabogal, RDN, MS, CDE.  It’s filled with antioxidants, healthy fats and fiber from the pumpkin seeds, spinach, banana, coconut milk and oatmeal. You can read about the benefits of healthy fats here. The mango adds that layer of sweetness that makes it oh so tropical and kid approved. Read More

Nutrition For Prepregnancy, Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is a sacred responsibility. So much of what you do, eat, think, feel and surround yourself with during this time can have a dramatic effect on you and your baby.

On my new pregnancy series I will discuss several topics that are not known by the general public. Today’s first topic of the series will discuss the not so obvious do’s and dont’s of nutrition during pregnancy and beyond.


YOU MUST GO ORGANIC: If there is one recommendation I wish I can put on a billboard for all pregnant women is to Go organic. Organic food is becoming more and more affordable so there truly is no excuse not to eat organic.  Eating organic is even more important than watching your sugar, carb, salt, and starchy carb intake during pregnancy. I would prefer you eat an organic danish than a nonorganic raspberry. That’s how important this is to me.

Organic food is not only more nutritious than their nonorganic counterparts but you’re also paying for what you DON’T get. Nonorganic food contains toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic (cancer causing), hormones like estrogen, and antibiotics. So please for the sake of yours and your unborn child’s health please eat organic.


Artificial Colors: Anything that in the ingredients that has a number after a color like (blue #1, red #40) you must avoid. A 2012 UCLA review found that all of the 9 currently approved dyes have health risks.

Artificial Sweeteners: This includes aspartame and sucralose. Both chemicals have shown to that there is a direct link between mothers who consumed these chemicals and weight gain in their children at age 1. So please avoid diet sodas, sugar free dessert, sugar free gum, and artificially sweetened beverages.


MSG: MSG is a flavor enhancer found in soups, snacks, salad dressings, seasonings, chips and most Chinese food. Sometimes it’s hard to identify it in the ingredient list so I would advise you to minimize your consumption of processed foods. MSG enters the brain and causes overexcitation of neurons. There is also good evidence now that the chemicals in MSG can pass through the placenta and overstimulate the baby’s brain. With so much concern for autism my personal concern is that this hidden chemical is a contributing factor.


Nitrates and Nitrites: These additives are used to preserve cured meats and can be found in hot dog, bacon, ham, lunch meats, and so on. Studies have shown that consumption of cured meats during pregnancy left children at higher risk of developing brain tumors. Nitrate-free meats are becoming more wide spread and available. I recommend consuming these since I don’t see a real difference in flavor.


AVOID BPA (BISPHENOL A) AT ALL COSTS: BPA is known as an endocrine disruptor. Studies suggest it can cause cancer, behavior problems, infertility, obesity, ADHD, and diabetes. Avoid drinking water in plastic bottles (some contain BPA). Instead opt for glass water bottles or the hydroflask. Just to be safe never heat food in plastic containers, never store food in plastic (pyrex tupperware preferred), avoid canned foods with lined cans that could contain BPA.

This list is not meant to scare you but to be more cognizant of what is best for you and baby. Enjoy and stay tuned for more from the Dr. Sandra’s guide to a safe and healthy pregnancy.

As always…

Stay Dainty,

Sandra Thomasian, MD





Dr. Thomasian’s Guide To Safe Sun Essentials For the Summer

Summer is officially right around the corner and I’m planning on long beach days and outdoor fun! But no matter what I’m doing or where I’ll be sun protection is an essential.

With so many sunscreen options available these days, it can be tough to sort through them all. That’s why I’ve done the research for you and I’m sharing some of my favorites, all free of parabens and that other nasty stuff I keep out of my skincare. Luckily, there are lots of great naturally focused brands, like Coola and MD Solar Science, that are safe for even babies (over 6 months of age) to use daily.

Here are my recommendations:

  1. Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Tint Moisturizer: I wear this everyday throughout the year because it’s lightweight and gives a matte finish. At $36 dollars a bottle you’re getting organic natural ingredients nontoxic to the skin.
  2. REDEFINE TRIPLE DEFENSE TREATMENT BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 : Love this lightweight moisturizer! It applies easily without leaving any residue and reverses signs of aging.aatt030-redefine-triple-defense-treatment-lg
  3. MDSolarSciences Quick Dry Body Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 40 and MDSolarSciences Mineral Sunscreen Stick Broad Spectrum SPF 40: I use these two products for the entire family. They’re organic, safe for babies over 6 months of age and the price range is just right!
  4. 4. San Diego Hat Company Women’s Ribbon Large Brim Hat: I live in these hats during the summer. They’re wide brimmed with large shade coverage and the best part is you can fold them easily and the shape won’t change. Perfect for your next beach vacation!
  5. IMG_6493.JPG

5. COOLA® Suncare Mineral Liplux SPF 30: Don’t forget about your lips! The extra-delicate skin is often overlooked, but is just as vulnerable to the sun’s rays as the rest of your face. Organic cupuacu butter and mongongo oil in this tinted lip balm moisturize, and it comes in the prettiest range of colors that are naturally flavored for a fun treat.


Now go out and have some fun in the sun! And remember!

Stay Dainty,

Sandra Thomasian, MD

5 Fun Facts About Me!

5 Fun Facts About Me! I wanted to reintroduce myself since I have new followers who may not know me very well. This is daunting. So here goes!

1️⃣ As far as I can remember I wanted to be a pediatrician until my last year of medical school, I switched gears and decided to go into emergency medicine! #bestdecisionever

2️⃣ Most of my life I hated cameras and all things photography. Obviously that changed the moment I realized I was pregnant and already planned to take a zillion photos of my daughter! 👶🏼

3️⃣ I learned how to ride a 🚲 a little over 6 months ago thanks to my husband and I’ve been riding my cruiser everyday since

4️⃣ My biggest weakness is 🍕and if I could eat it every day I WOULD! #pizzeriamozza

5️⃣ I never watch any 📺! It’s been that way for the past few years and it’s been the most time saving hack I’ve ever done!


Thank you for following me on this blogging journey. It has truly been so fulfilling and it’s because of YOU!