Dainty Hostess Review Of The Best Photo Book Printing Services 2018

First smile, first bite of food, first steps, first day of school. I have all these memories of my children drowning in a virtual sea of digital images. But the real problem is these images are sitting in oblivion on my iPhone or my hard drive.

But over the past year and a half I have printed over 23 albums from various sites. I spent a few weeks reviewing these websites to find the best books for price, quality, and time spent creating.  Read More

Birthday Party Photography Tips For Parents

Photographing your kid’s birthday party can be a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to forget to document the important moments. However, you also don’t want to document every single detail only to be behind the camera the whole time, and miss out on actually enjoying the party yourself.

These birthday party photography tips allow you to fully prepare for the party so that you can have it well documented and still enjoy every moment!

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Juliana’s 5th Birthday Photoshoot

As you’ll get to know me you will realize I’m OBSESSED with photography. I love the story it tells and the ability to capture a moment you will treasure for a lifetime! When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I vowed I wouldn’t limit my child to only iphone photos. So I purchased a DSLR Canon Rebel T4 camera with a 50mm 1.8 prime lens (very affordable training lens that gives that creamy background we all love) and learned everything I could to take the best portraits of my baby. I practiced on my favorite subject and watched a TON of YouTube tutorials! Little did I know I would become the go-to newborn/family/event photographer for all my friends and family! It has truly been an honor to receive announcement cards with the photos I took of my nieces and nephews.

Every year, around each of my daughter’s birthdays I plan a photo shoot so they have portraits and memories of that specific moment in time! So here it is! Juliana’s 5th birthday shoot! Her birthday theme this year is a bakery theme so I decided to dress my Jules as a pastry chef and have her play around with dough! Needless to say this may have been her favorite photo shoot yet!